Benefits Of A Scalp Massage

Benefits Of A Scalp Massage

You might have seen a scalp massager or found one in a beauty care kit. It will definitely come of use when you wish to have good and healthy mane on your head. This kind of device helps to massage the scalp which is a great way to relieve stress. It is not only comforting to get a scalp massage, but it can also help you experience other health and beauty benefits.


If you use a scalp massager it can work as a home remedy for hair loss treatment for men. As men are prone to hair loss, if they use a scalp massager regularly, after a long day, they will find it beneficial to stimulate hair growth. When scalp is massaged, it puts pressure on the nerve endings. It is akin to putting pressure on certain acupressure points. With this kind of pressure the nerve endings release endorphins. This in turn helps to relieve tiredness and stimulates a relaxing feeling in general. Hence, besides stimulating hair growth, scalp massage by the end of the day can lead to a distressing experience. 

Useful to all

A scalp massager or a similar therapy can be opted by women as well. Nowadays, with an increase in stress in everyday lives of men and women, the latter too suffers from issues of hair loss. With a scalp massage every other day, they can benefit from a de stressing experience as well as stimulating the hair follicles which in turn will ensure hair re-growth. This kind of treatment is commonly given in hair spas or at beauty clinics. You could also invest in, a similar device to get an effective scalp massage at home whenever you feel the need. Hence, it can be seen as a female hair loss treatment or remedy that can be easily used at home as well.

Different devices

Though the most rudimentary form of scalp massage is the form of massage that is given by hands, one can also invest in different electrical gadgets which can help in scalp stimulation. For instance, there are simple hand held, powered or battery operated devices that one can use for massaging their scalp. Often people suffer from headaches by the end of the day that is usually brought on by stress. With tension the feeling of discomfort or headache can increase. Such symptoms can be alleviated by an effective and gentle scalp massage. With a massager one will feel immediate relief.

In case one wishes to stimulate hair growth, use of hair oil or hair tonic is also recommended at the time of massaging the scalp. This ensures that the hair oily or tonic is absorbed by the scalp and reaches the hair follicles more effectively.

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